Weekly Running Update WB Monday 18th March (Equinox Week!)

Only two runs this week as I had to work all day Wednesday AND Thursday (I KNOW!) which meant I could only fit in runs on Tuesday and Friday, and I’m not visiting Mr park run tomo (because I ran today), so I thought I may as well post this now.

I went for two interval sessions this week, one set of speed intervals around my local park and one of hills on the treadmill.

I track most of my runs on Map my Run, and upload my walking/ running totals via my alt account (@self-track) via @actifit.

Weekly running summary: 

  • Total number of runs – 2
  • Total KMs run – 11 KM

TUesday’s Run – 5K speed intervals 

I used my local park for the intervals, with the funny two circuits, one of which as a hilly section:

I did three outer hilly intervals and then three flat shorter inner intervals: 

And the mirror heart rate:

I really like this park for intervals, it’s just that bit different to the track, and it’s occurred to me that I could do two intervals round the long circuit rather than one – one flat section, one hill section, it could work very nicely!


I did 6.5Ks in total, 32 minutes, because then the tracker sections on the treadmill are 2 minutes each. I did

  • 4 mins warm up at 1 degree incline 12 – 13 KPH
  • I then lowered the speed to 11.5 KPH and did two four minute hill intervals with a 2 min break, first maxing out at 7 degrees, the second maxing out at 9 degrees.
  • Then I did a 6 minute hill interval, coming down to 10KPH and maxing out at 11 degrees
  • Finally I did a 2 min extended sprint for 14-15 KPH

Heart Rate (max 180)

Just what I needed!

Other WOrk-outs

I also managed a circuit session Sunday and a circuit and spin class Monday.

All in all, not bad, I worked out every day I didn’t have full time work!

Next week’s plans

I’m all about the running next week: I think a couple more interval sessions, maybe even two fast, and then . a good couple day’s rest before smashing the park run on Saturday!

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