Weekly Running Update – another Park Run PB, 5Ks – 21.04!

Three runs this week, 2 hard interval sessions and then a PB in the Park Run today! I actually targeted the PB in the park run and it couldn’t have been better – I had two solid days off (three off running) before hand, and everything else was perfect too.

Weekly running summary, WB Sunday 24 MARCH

  • Total number of runs – 3
  • Total KMs run – 15Ks

TUesday’s Run – 5K fast treadmill

I’d intended to just do a bike sesssion, but after 10 mins I fancied a run, which made sense seeing that I hadn’t done a Park Run on the Saturday, so I just pounded out 5Ks….It was actually faster than below, I let the Garmin run a little bit after!


And heart rate 

Felt pretty good – I just wanted to normalise the 21-22 mins pace.

Tuesday’s RUN – 400 Metre intervals 

My fastest set in a very long time!

4* 400 and then 2* 200

And heart rate:


Saturday’s Park Run PB – 21.04

Came 19th, so top 20! 3rd in age category, had three days off running before hand, the weather was perfect, and we had pacers… I overtook the 22 min guy after 1K, I was feeling good… very happy with my splits!


Not sure how long I can keep taking such large chunks out of my PB….?!? It’s going to get more difficult sometime very soon I think.

Next week’s plans

I just want to get three classic runs in – one longish 7-8K and two intervals, I’m sure these 200M intervals are doing the trick.

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