March Finances – A very good month and another 1000 steem purchased!

I had a very good financial month for March. Because my income is strongly correlated with the exam season, I had only anticipated April, May and June being ‘high income months’, but my webinars have added March to these, which is great, and when I add the income from my ‘regular work’ teaching teachers, it all adds up!

NB the figures below are minus work related expenses (approximately calculated) – so I’ve taken off train fairs, and the cost of subscriptions to WP etc.

Total March income = £2530

  • Regular Job – £670 (stressful, but nice!)
  • Resource sales – £850 (consistent with last month)
  • Revision Webinars – £950 (O.K, but only for this month and next month!)
  • Advertising revenue – £60 (from February)

Regular job – I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so having a few days teaching is great – NB the figure above were earned from only 2 full days, 2 half days, and 2 evenings of teaching and a tiny tiny bit of marking. And it’s not difficult, so I just can’t turn it down!

Resource sales – these seem to be consistent, and I’m very pleased to see this…. true passive income now I’ve got my resources bundled up. I will need to start updating/ improving these soon, you’ve got to keep ahead of the game!

Revision Webinars – I’m putting on a series of 12 hour long sessions running from April to mid June, priced at $49.99, I’ve had 20 odd people sign up so far, which is nice…. I should get a few more latecomers. The downside of this is that I’ve yet to deliver them, but it’s only 1 hour on Monday evening for 2 months so it’s not too bad. I’ll probably do some last minute individual sessions too in May/ June which should bring in several more hundred squid. Thanks to @teamhumble for designing the logo, worked a treat!

Advertising revenue – I mentioned in last month’s finance blog that I might have to ‘exert some pressure’ on WP about my poor ad revenue – I did this, and discovered that I needed to implement cookies via a consent form, which I hadn’t had up and running. I’ve now put this in place, and my ad revenue seems to be going back up again steadily, but I imagine this could take months to see any real progress – basically I need return vistors seeing and clicking on personalised ads to improve my revenue. Long game! I’m also going to experiment with making the consent banner bigger, but only after mid April, once I’ve got a few more subs to my revision webinars!

Also I haven’t counted the £50-60 I’m getting from interest on my moneys, peer to peer investments or steem, I just treat all that as wealth accumulation!

Total February Expenditure = £1600

Bit of an undisciplined month this one – mainly because I’ve been working a lot (well, 6 days), and that brings expenses – namely lunch and more coffees. Or maybe I’m just being slack!

Also a wasted £30 on a parking permit, I’ll explain more about that laters.

Could do better!

Total savings = £470

I need to allow for the following:

  1. Tax = – £200 (ish – just a nod, I’m actually gonna just divest some shares in a few months to pay my tax Bill rather than worry about putting money by, this is more towards the NEXT tax bill after that!)
  2. Sink for my lean months in August/ Sept = £300

Which gives me total savings of the above figure! (ish)

Another 1000 steem purchased this month 

I’ve just checked my steem purchases on bittrex and to my surprise I’ve actually bought more than 1000 steem this month, so what’s that – $400, or £300 worth…. so about 60% of my additional earnings have gone on steem, which feels about right!

Overall Assessment 

9/10 – my income exceeded expectation, but my expenditure was a bit naughty, so I give myself 9/10. Upbeat about my income!

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