Human Organ to Live Steem Price Conversion Tool

Someone (I won’t name them!) mentioned in a comment the other day that they were considering selling a kidney (I assume just the one) to take advantage of the current bargain-basement cheep Steem prices. This got me to wondering how much Steem you could get for what organ, and I’m proud to announce the launch of the human organ to live Steem price conversion tool.

Simply click here to access the google sheet which will calculate how much Steem you will receive for what organ, at current U.S. black market prices (Steem returns may vary depending on country and local supply conditions).

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to source a live organ price, mainly because selling organs is illegal in every country on earth, except for Iran, where you have to be an Iranian buying from another Iranian for it to be legal, so unless you are lucky enough to be an Iranian, you are going to have to sell your organs on the black market.

Here’s a breakdown of what selected  organs could get you ATW on the black market in the USA, according to the scrutiny of ‘’

  • Eyeballs – $1525
  • Skull with teeth – $1200
  • Liver – $157000
  • Hand and forearm – $385 (I KNOW, NOT good value!)
  • Pint of blood -$337
  • Kidney – $262000

If you went ‘all in’, the following organs would yield you around 1.5 million Steem at current market rates which would take you firmly into ‘Whale’ territory. (NB when I first drafted this two days ago, you would have got 1, 648, 177 Steem!)

The problem is, if you did pursue this ‘all in’ by taking your organs ‘all out’ strategy, then you’d also be dead.

A realistic organ to steem Conversion strategy 

Unless you’re looking out for your family and friends, then selling organs necessary to keep you alive is not part a viable fiat to crypto investment strategy. However, there are plenty of organs which aren’t necessary for survival which you could still sell, as below.


In my ‘non-essential organ sale scenario’ I’ve assumed that you sell 6 square inches of skin (you could probably go more) and 10 pints of blood, which you could probably push out in a couple of months, maybe. I wouldn’t recommend trying. 

If you were to sell these ‘non-essential’ organs, you would still net over 750K Steem at current market prices, still well into whale territory.

NB – I’m 99% sure the spleen is useless, at least I remember from Enlightenment history that Francis Bacon did an experiment where he took one out of a dog and it survived. Also the gallbladder sounds like it isn’t essential either, I might be wrong on this – disclaimer please check the function of an organ before seeking to have it removed! 

‘Live’ Organ to steem price conversion tool

You can use this spread sheet to calculate your organ to Steem return at 2018 black market $U.S. prices. If you want to work your returns elsewhere in the world or at different organ prices, you’ll need to enter these figures manually. I couldn’t source a live-feed for black market organ prices.


This post was written for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial or medical advice.





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